Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Lights Are Bright on Kansas City’s Broadway Bridge, Recognized by AIA Kansas City with a 2011 Design Excellence Award!

Mike Sinclair Photographer
We’re pleased that the Broadway Bridge over I-670 in downtown Kansas City has been recognized by AIA Kansas City with a 2011 Design Excellence Award in the Merit Awards category! This standout bridge replaces a deteriorating structure to provide better vehicular and pedestrian access between Kansas City’s ever changing Central Business District and a vibrant area to the south that includes the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and the Crossroads Arts District.

The bridge supports the effort to encourage walkability in the City by providing wider sidewalks, ADA accessibility, and improved crosswalk signalization. But what really caught the AIA’s eye was the focus on the pedestrian experience. GBA, the engineer on the project, brought in el dorado inc. to focus on architectural and artistic enhancements to the bridge. The result? A pedestrian railing that employs a three-layered system of galvanized mesh that, combined with color and light, adds eye-catching appeal to this prominent public improvement! What’s more, portions of the pedestrian barrier contain two-inch thick yellow acrylic panels that buffer noise from the vehicles traveling below and create a visual experience that changes throughout the day!   Congratulations to all involved!

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