Monday, November 24, 2014

GBA Kicks Off Wellness Program

After starting our initiative this past summer with an on-site health screening, our team members were then invited to participate in a Health Risk Assessment (HRA).  With a FANTASTIC response and participation rate, in August St. Lukes Health helped us compile the results.  We were happy to find that while we are a pretty healthy group, there were three main health issues team members wanted to address:  1)  Physical Activity/ Exercise, 2) Diet/ Nutrition and 3) Stress Relief. 

The Wellness Committee (comprised of employees from around the company) decided to launch our program with a healthy lunch and give away GBA water bottles.  Inside the bottle was a note with all the benefits of staying well hydrated.  We also offered at that time for team members and their spouses to purchase an activity tracker (Fit Bit) at a reduced rate.  They could then take an eight-week “Step Challenge” and have the opportunity to earn back the cost of the devise at two different levels.  The goal is 7,000 steps a day!

We have over half of our team members and many of their spouses participating in multiple locations.  We’re broken up into teams to help create fun competition and motivation.   We are half way through the challenge and having a lot of fun with it!  The idea is to get people to realize that if they just keep moving, they can reach their extended goal of 10,000 steps/day.  AND we are creating some healthy new habits along the way– Like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 

Stay tuned for our next Wellness initiative  - Financial Fitness, which helps to reduce stress. (especially after the holidays!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

GIS Day is November 19

GIS Day is a grassroots event to celebrate the practice of geographic information systems (GIS) users and to showcase real-world applications of this important technology. This year GIS Day is November 19 and is principally sponsored by the National Geographic Society and other professional organizations and companies.

GBA's Leonard Barnhill and Ben Grover are GIS Specialists.
GIS professionals take complex data to create databases and maps that benefit communities. GIS maps can show land usage, infrastructure location, public utilities, emergency services, road type and pavement condition, tax rate and other parcel information, lot measurements; permits issued, FEMA DFirms and more. GIS is an important asset management tool for governments and businesses.

The history of GIS Day dates back to 1999 and has grown into a worldwide educational event.